Interior Architecture Design

Diploma in Interior Design

This programme emphasises the marriage between conceptual thinking and practical design skills. This provides students with a better understanding of spatial planning and layout. Students will utilise various applications and software to communicate their design work.

This programme focuses on the design and development of internal spaces with emphasis on the relationship between architectural context and designed interior. It equips graduates with relevant knowledge and creative skills to be professional interior designers or interior architects.

Furniture and Product Design

BA (Honours) Furniture and Product Design

This programmme provides knowledge and practical skills for students seeking a career as professional furniture and product designers. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of materials and their properties, become adept in industry-related software, and cultivate design and conceptual thinking skills. They will participate in furniture and product exhibitions and work on collaborative projects with the industry.

Graphic Design​

Diploma in Graphic Design

This programme prepares students for a career in the design industry. Students will be trained in conceptual thinking, practical skill sets and apply up-to-date software technologies under the supervision of highly qualified lecturers.

This programme develops students’ distinctive personal visual styles through exciting and challenging practical and theoretical projects. Students will be equipped with essential professional, creative, intellectual, and technical skills.

Fashion and Marketing

BA (Honours) in Fashion Marketing

This program teaches theories and practical skills related to fashion design, fashion branding, marketing, and consumer behavior. Students will be exposed to fashion manufacturing and the overall fashion environment. It is ideal for fashion enthusiasts who have the passion to market and brand their fashion collections.

Graduation Showcase
Sequence May 2024 - IN FULL BLOOM

First City University College
First City Hall
3rd Floor, Heritage Building First City University College

Exhibition Days
23 May – 26 May 2024
2.30p.m. – 4.00p.m.

Launching Ceremony
23 May 2024 Thursday 2.30p.m.

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